Rumor Has It

Join our satisfied students!

Rumor Has It

Join our satisfied students!

The foreign language experts since 1994

Interlead Foreign Language Experts is a leading language school that has been teaching successfully since 1994.

We aim to make your learning experience pleasant, convenient and friendly. 

We offer a range of online and face-to-face courses to meet the learning needs of children, teenagers and adults, including professionals, entrepreneurs, company employees and business executives. With years of experience, we provide comprehensive courses that equip our students with the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

We believe that most people learn a language best through interaction and actual practice. Therefore, our lessons are designed to be interesting, fun and completely interactive. Our teaching helps you progress quickly and confidently. Our extensive learning materials (videos, books, images, listening files, tests, exercises etc) make our classes interesting and interactive.

All our teachers are qualified, experienced and very pleasant. They are trained to follow the Communicative approach to teaching.  This means students will be able to learn from and practice with someone who not only knows the foreign language in depth, but who can transfer this knowledge in a friendly but effective way. Someone who can help correct any mistakes quickly and who can also help with some of the more subtle aspects of the language, such as pronunciation.

Learn individually in private lessons. Our lessons are intensive individual sessions which are customized specifically to meet your personal learning needs. Since you are getting 100 per cent of your teacher’s time and attention, they are the most effective way to accelerate your speaking and other skills. They cost a bit more but you may need fewer hours than being in a group thereby making it cost effective.

One of the great things is our exclusive learning materials. Learning materials include grammar, presentations on diverse topics, reading comprehension passages, tests, and lots of other stuff which will develop your writing skills, grammar knowledge, comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

Every student can ask for a personalized learning plan, which helps to arrange language lessons in the student’s daily routine, but still making sure goals are set and ultimately achieved. Our Administration Team is also available to answer questions and to make sure that all students can access and take full advantage of the learning process and material.

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