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The aim of this 20-hour Business English course is to help participants to become more confident in their use of oral and written English skills at work. Through oral presentations, role-play activities, and written work, they will improve their business vocabulary, revise grammatical aspects, and use Business English words and expressions more correctly.

During the course, participants will also be able to ask for specific translation of various business terms related to their own business field.

It is a requirement that the General English level of any participant is at least B1. If you are not sure of your current English level, please take our free Placement test here.

Business English
Business English
Chapter 1:Company Profile
Lesson 1
  • Words and expressions that briefly describe the mission and main activities ofa company. Practice : Describe the company you work for
Chapter 2:Grammar Review
Lesson 1
  • Present Simple/Present Continuous
Lesson 2
  • Future Tenses
Lesson 3
  • Past Simple/Present Perfect
Lesson 4
  • Modals of obligation and necessity
Lesson 5
  • Modals of obligation and necessity
Chapter 3:Presenting your Company
Lesson 1
  • Presenting your Companyto a potential client Developing a short Presentation Plan
Lesson 2
  • Practice: Give us a short presentation of your company
Chapter 4:Business Plan writing
Lesson 1
  • Main parts of abusiness plan Words and Expressions used in business plans
Chapter 5:Business Plan presentation
Lesson 1
  • Presenting your Business Plan to a target audience
Chapter 6:Defending your opinion
Lesson 1
  • Defending your Opinion in a professional manner. Develop and present arguments using appropriate business vocabulary and expressions
Chapter 7:Change
Lesson 1
  • Words and expressions that describe market trends and change Discussion – examples of recent trends and changes in business
Chapter 8:Business Meetings
Lesson 1
  • Taking part in meetings: clarifying and interrupting. Common words and expressions used in a business meeting
Lesson 2
  • Taking Part in meetings: disagreeing in a polite business manner
Chapter 9:Quality Control
Lesson 1
  • Words and Expressions to talk about quality and quality control Describe different methods and tools used to ensure the delivery of a quality product or service.
Chapter 10:Business Reports
Lesson 1
  • Writing a short report: Main Parts of a short Business Report
Lesson 2
  • Writing a short report–Practice: write a business report for your own company
Chapter 11:Customer Service
Lesson 1
  • Words and Expressions used when serving a customer. How to deal with difficult customers and complaints
Chapter 12:Business English Telephone skills
Lesson 1
  • Providing good service through the phone Dealing with difficult customers on the phone
Chapter 13:Business Letters
Lesson 1
  • Writing a professional business letter Dealing with customer complaints in writing

Once you have successfully completed a certain Level (i.e A1.1), elearn-Interlead will automatically issue and send you by email an Interlead Certificate. For each additional Level you complete, you will also receive a Certificate. This Certificate can be used for employment, college applications, visa requirements and other purposes


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Do I need to register to take the Placement Test?

Yes – The Test is free but it is a requirement for you to register first.

How does the Placement Test work?

Once you are ready to start the Test, simply press the Timer’s Play button. You have 60 minutes to complete the Test which consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The questions are designed to test English language skills from Level A1 (Beginner) to Level C2 (Proficient User). Therefore, the first questions are easier and as you proceed, the level of difficulty increases. It is OK to go as far as you can. If you don’t know a question simply skip it or take a guess. If you have to interrupt the Test, you can press the Pause button and when you return, press Play again. The Test allows up to 1 hour interruption. When taking the Test, please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. Do not use any help from another person or books or the internet. The test identifies your current level of English Language skills and also recommends the right Level for you after you complete it.

What are the limitations on choosing lessons?

For better planning and subsequently better service for you, Interlead-Experts.com has put some basic limitations when choosing your lessons. For Group Lessons, you need to purchase at least 5 lessons, starting from Lesson 1 of your chosen Course. The lessons you choose have to be consecutive. For example, you cannot choose Lessons 1, 5, 6, 8, 10. You need to choose Lessons 1,2,3,4,5 and then continue from there. For Private Lessons, you can choose to buy only one lesson, but it has to be the first lesson of your chosen Course and then move to the next one. Again, you cannot skip any lessons in between, as the Course is structured in a certain way so that the learning process is more efficient.

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Whenever you login into your account, under My Orders, you can see all the lessons purchased. Please note that these are the lessons you purchased. Your attendance for these lessons is kept by our Admin Team and you can ask for it by email if necessary. Also, each purchased lesson is accompanied with a tick, so that you are aware of what you have bought.

Can I buy a combination of Group and Private Lessons?

Yes. There is no limitation on this, but it is recommended to attend a certain Group or Private Course step by step to avoid possible confusion. You can set the speed of the program from one lesson per week to one lesson per day if you wish.

How much time is allowed between the purchase of a lesson and the booking to attend it?

You have a maximum of 3 months to book an appointment for a lesson you purchased. After this period, the lesson is cancelled and no refund is made. If there are serious unforeseen circumstances for not booking the lesson, please contact the Admin Team.

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What about the communication process during the lesson?

Interlead- experts elearn webinars are live and you can always speak when you wish, or you can use the Chat to send a message.

Do I have to turn on my camera during the lesson?

No. It is not compulsory to have/use a camera, but it is recommended as it makes the lesson more natural and more effective.

What can I do with an Interlead-Experts.com Certificate?

Our Certificates are awarded as proof for attending a whole Course which is related to the official CEFR (Centre for European Language Framework) English competency levels. The Certificate will prove to any third party that you command the specific English Language level mentioned. You can use it for Employment purposes, for admission in academic institutions or for any state or local authorities. After you have completed a certain level, you can also choose to take an internationally recognised English examination such as IELTS and others.

If I choose to join a group, how long do I have to wait until a group is formed?

Our Groups are quite small (usually 3 people), so under normal conditions you should be able to join a group in a few days. The maximum waiting time in any case is set to 2 working weeks. After this period, if there is no group available you will be entitled to a full refund, or you will be offered private lessons at the price of group lessons.

What if I decide to cancel after I have paid?

No refunds are made after the purchase and if there are no extreme circumstances. In this case, please contact our Admin Team for a possible solution.

Is e-learning as effective as traditional lessons?

E-learning can take many forms: non-interactive pre-recorded video lessons, non-interactive webinars, interactive live webinars and others. We provide live, real-time, fully interactive webinars based on an advanced e-learning platform which provides learning tools such as whiteboard, screen sharing, chat, file exchange, video etc. Our webinars are completely comparable with traditional lessons and this is certified by many experts who believe that the right form of e-learning is sometimes better than traditional lessons conducted in a class, as it provides a private, comfortable and friendly environment for the student and it saves a lot of hassle and transportation costs.

Can I record my lesson?

No – we cannot allow recording of lessons by students due to copyright protection and GDPR limitations.

Duration: 20 hours

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