The benefits of Business English

The benefits of Business English

Learn specific Business English skills

Business English helps you build on your existing English skills by learning more complex industry-specific language skills, such as vocabulary like ‘subsidiary’ and ‘joint venture’ or practical tasks like creating business letters or writing up minutes from a meeting. These are vital skills for the workplace and a person who has them, is surely ahead from the rest.

Understand Business and the Economy

Today’s business world requires creative and constructive thinking. Trends and technology change rapidly, so it’s important for  aspiring business people to understand how the world economy works. Reading business English allows students to understand business trends and the reasoning behind business practices.

Focus on Current News and Trends

Business English classes use up-to-date texts supplemented with articles from real-life publications such as the Economist  and the Financial Times. This means that students cover it all, from search engine optimization to new e-commerce trends  for small businesses. In addition, many assignments are based on the news, so students get a chance to think critically to complete their assignments.

Cooperation and Teamwork

Taking a business English class involves regular presentations and group work, which prepares students for working with others.  Students also get an extra advantage by working and sharing ideas with people from different business backgrounds.

Gain Confidence

While business English studies are often challenging, all of the presentations, listening, writing, and reading exercises students  do in class help them to gain the confidence they need to work in today’s fast-paced business world. Not only do students learn  valuable language skills, but they also develop an understanding of how to work in business environments.

Get the Rewards you deserve

Learning Business English increases the opportunities of getting a promotion, a new job and a salary raise.

The Opportunity to work in another Country

Business English opens the door to careers and study courses in other countries. It will also improve the chances of success of visa or residency applications.

Build your Network of Contacts

Build your business network with colleagues, senior executives and international clients. Increase the trust that strengthens critical business relationships.

Why employee language training
is good for business

Personal and professional development

Continuing education options in the workplace not only show employee appreciation but it’s also the most desired employee benefit. Keep your employees motivated and attract the best talent in your field.

Productivity through team building

Besides teaching valuable business skills like presenting, negotiating and intercultural competence, our courses provide excellent opportunities for team building activities.

Compete globally

Multilingual employees can help expand and grow the business in new markets. Make your organization’s diversity an asset.