English Placement Test

This is the elearn-interlead Placement Test. It is designed to accurately assess your current level of English. The Test has to be completed in a maximum of 60′. If you have to interrupt, you can pause and continue when you return.

Maximum pause allowed is one hour. You do not need to study before taking the Test as the purpose is to take an accurate picture of what you know. Once you finish, the system will recommend the appropriate level for you.

6000 1:30 MINUTES LEFT

Basic details


Question 1

What is this?

Question 2
Question 3
Question 4

Question 5
How many books?
Question 6
How many kids?
Question 7
Find the odd one out
Question 8
Find the odd one out
Question 9
Find the odd one out
Question 10
M ? nday

Question 11
My mum is eating ______ sandwich.
Question 12
What time is 2.30?
Question 13
Which plural is wrong?
Question 14
_____ is your favourite teacher?
Question 15
The children _____ watching a movie right now.
Question 16
I like _____ in the summer.
Question 17
He always _____ to school on foot.
Question 18
We have breakfast _____ 8 o’clock every day
Question 19
Find the odd one out.
Question 20
Find the odd one out.
Question 21
Find the odd one out.
Question 22
What is the opposite of ‘short’?
Question 23
Which word is the odd one out?
Question 24
Which word is the odd one out?
Question 25
Which is the odd one out?

Question 26
Which plural is wrong?
Question 27
Are there ____ tomatoes in the bowl?
Question 28
English is _____ than Physics.
Question 29
_____ you ever been to Africa?
Question 30
Those aren’t your shoes. They’re _____.
Question 31
She’s ______ her friend at the moment.
Question 32
My mum _____ when the phone rang.
Question 33
They travelled to France _____ the Eiffel Tower.
Question 34
They haven’t met before, ______?
Question 35
This is the man _____ stole my bag yesterday.
Question 36
She _____ her jacket because it was too cold.
Question 37
I am very fond ____ travelling.
Question 38
We don’t go to school ____ Saturdays and Sundays.
Question 39
If you study hard, you ____ your exam.
Question 40
This building ____ to be a hospital.

Question 41
What will you _____ when you grow up?
Question 42
You should always _____ the truth.
Question 43
I can’t buy these shoes. They’re _____ expensive for me.
Question 44
She doesn’t sing very _____, but she can play the guitar nicely.
Question 45
I’ve cut _____ while I was cooking.
Question 46
They don’t have _____ money to go on a trip.
Question 47
Her mum doesn’t let her _____ out at night.
Question 48
I enjoy taking part in competitions and _____ my sister.
Question 49
You should look ____ the unknown words in the dictionary.
Question 50
She hasn’t _____ sushi for 5 months now.
Question 51
My friend ____me a secret and I won’t tell anyone.
Question 52
Which word is the opposite of ‘lazy’?
Question 53
I enjoy _____ with my mum in the kitchen.
Question 54
Which is the odd one out?
Question 55
This story _____ by William Shakespeare.

Question 56
She ____ visited her hometown since May 15th 2010.
Question 57
The house will ____ by Tom and Jonathan.
Question 58
The kids are always ____ when they go to the cinema.
Question 59
He is usually ____ after work.
Question 60
If they had more money, they ____ buy a new car.
Question 61
Which of these is the same as ‘famous’?
Question 62
The lesson was so ___ that we didn’t pay attention at all.
Question 63
If you had told me, I ____ you.
Question 64
She ____ her hair cut last week.
Question 65
He was nervous before the exam, _____ studying very hard.
Question 66
It was ____ a good movie that I watched it again.
Question 67
Don’t drink that milk! It has ____ off.
Question 68
It’s not worth ____ the house if you’re going to untidy it later.
Question 69
Telephones and computers are a very popular ____.
Question 70
‘’Mary has won the competition,’’ Tom said to me. // John told me that Mary ____ the competition.

Question 71
I can’t put ____ my noisy neighbours anymore.
Question 72
Which of these words means the opposite of ‘strength’?
Question 73
She bought an ____ dress and it’s impressive.
Question 74
____ jokes is hard, I guess.
Question 75
You’d better not ____ that without asking first.
Question 76
I wish I ____ a luxurious house.
Question 77
It’s high time she ____ a new car.
Question 78
Which of these words means the same as ‘drawback’?
Question 79
If you believe in the ____ you’re selling, it’s easier to get others to buy it.
Question 80
Which of these words means the same as ‘discover’?
Question 81
Which of these words is the opposite of ‘reduce’?
Question 82
They have just had their garden ____ .
Question 83
Find the odd one out.
Question 84
Kate kept an/a ____ on my suitcase while I paid for the taxi.
Question 85
Which of these words means the same as ‘appropriate’?

Question 86
I wish I ____ anything about the party.
Question 87
Which of these words means the same as ‘contribute’?
Question 88
We can’t afford ___ you a new phone.
Question 89
After they argued, Jane gave Emma the cold ____ for days.
Question 90
Which of these does not collocate with ‘take’?
Question 91
Which of the words means the opposite of ‘permanent’?
Question 92
The ____ of the pool is 2 meters.
Question 93
I can’t understand what he is saying. It’s all ____ to me.
Question 94
Which of these cannot make a phrasal verb with ‘turn’?
Question 95
If I had known about the situation, I ____ informed the customers.
Question 96
Listen to the recording and choose the correct answer.
  • What does the man say surprised him?
Question 97
Read the following text and choose the correct answer. At the Sports Club Rules and Regulations   Members are obliged to state any medical restrictions on their application. Athletes who wish to play in the basketball or volleyball leagues must pass a strict health and fitness test. Cancellations for personal training sessions must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment. Membership cards must be shown every time you enter the club. No one will be admitted to a class more than 10 minutes after the class has started. All personal belongings must be placed in a locker while you are exercising. Group classes are dependent upon having a minimum number of participants.   Question: What are the members required to do?
Question 98
According to the text above, what is only true for players in the basketball and volleyball league?
Question 99
____ was it raining all day, but it was also freezing.
Question 100
Find the phrase which means the following: ‘indicated they like each other’.