Speak English much faster than you think

At e-learn interlead, we offer a range of English language programs, including both private and group classes. With our group classes students can interact with other students, while our private classes offer a more personal approach, focusing on the specific individual needs of the student.

Our programs range from Complete Beginner level (A1) right through to Very Competent (C2). In this way you can choose your level of entry (if you need a free online placement test, we offer it for free- HERE) and then progress through to a stage where you will have complete command over the English language. By the time a student completes a C2 level course, their language skills will be comparable with a native speaker, in terms of reading, speaking, writing and understanding of the language. In addition, if you complete one of our English programs, you will receive a Certificate , which will certify your level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) that you can use in your CV or to apply for an academic program.

In addition to the general English programs, we also offer expert preparation for widely recognized international language exams, such as IGCSE and Cambridge IELTS.

All our English courses are taught by qualified, experienced and very pleasant teachers who follow the Communicative approach to teaching. This means students will be able to learn from and practice with someone who not only knows the English language in depth, but who can transfer this knowledge in a friendly but very effective way. Someone who can help correct any mistakes quickly and also helps with some of the more subtle aspects of the language, such as pronunciation.

Take English lessons in live classrooms without moving from your home or office

E-learn interleadis part of Interlead Foreign Language Experts, a leading languageschool that has been teaching English successfully for the last 25 years and which now offers programs through online classes. We aim to make your learning experience pleasant, convenient and friendly. Since our live English lessons are online, you can study with us from the comfort of your own home, office or from wherever it suits you. We know that busy students, professionals and parents can find it difficult to have the time to go to classes. That is why we bring our English lessons directly to you, every day.