Webinar room

Meet your friends and chat!

Audio - video

Spread your message using audio and video. Make sure your webinar makes a long-lasting impact.


Use visual content to increase the
effectiveness of your webinars.
Support your words with content in any format.


Use text boxes, shapes, drawing tools and
eraser to illustrate your ideas and enrich your
webinar content.

Screen sharing

Increase audience engagement,
improve productivity and maximize your
resources by taking turns at the controls.

Polls & surveys

Run polls and surveys on any topic during your webinar
to gather opinions, insights and feedback from your audience.
Analyze results to make informed business decisions and
to improve your future webinars.


Give your audience a way to interact, provide feedback
and get clarification, while you stay in control of the webinar.


Provide the ability for an interactive communication
through pre-formed questions and answers.

Call to action

Display your offer at the perfect time during your event to make
instant sales.

Raise hand

Keep your webinar organized and in control for a smooth flow.

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