80% HRDA - Subsidized programs for English, Greek and Russian languages

Interlead, being an HRDA (Human Resource Development Authority) Certified Centre, offers language programs of English, Greek, and Russian, to eligible companies and organizations with an optional 80% subsidy on tuition fees. Groups must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants and they run for 30 hours. 


Instructors are highly qualified, very experienced and Certified by the Human Resource Authority. Each program consists of two weekly 90-minute sessions and the full duration of the program is 3 months. 


Lessons can be held in-class (at Interlead Foreign Language Experts), Online or On-location (at the company’s premises).

Make Language training part of your Staff’s benefit package!

Many firms from multiple sectors of the economy already chose to make language training part of their employee benefit package to ‘break’ the barriers of communication and to connect people across borders.
Language skills upgrade your Staff’s customer service skills and broaden their horizons as languages are the key to understanding other cultures.

Let Interlead Language Experts become your preferred partner in setting up customized language programs with an optional 80% subsidy through the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) !

We are available for further details over a short call that we can gladly schedule at your convenience.

Interlead Certificate

Upon successful completion of any program, participants receive an Interlead Certificate which they can use as part of their CV for job interviews, employee annual evaluations, university applications, immigration requirements and other important purposes.

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