Flexible delivery methods

Interlead provides a more inclusive and convenient language learning experience for its learners for all 7 languages of all levels. People have different learning styles, and some may prefer to learn in a certain way. Our center caters to different learning styles and provides a more personalized learning experience.

Moreover, we understand that it can be difficult to find time to attend language classes at a fixed time each week. At Interlead, learners can fit their language learning around their schedule. Together we find the right content for each learner based on their goals, as well as the time and place that works for them. Driven by an effective and enjoyable way of learning, learners choose the topics they want to study and the pace at which they want to progress through the lessons. Moreover, all our courses are based on the communicative approach, where language learning is carried out through activities combining different interactive methods that make learners gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture of their choice.

Our certified, internationally experienced and highly qualified Instructors can visit your premises to deliver selected language programs specially designed for Staff and Managers of companies and organizations. Programs can be subsidized by 80% from the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus as Interlead Language Experts is a Certified HRDA Professional Training Centre. For subsidized on location programs the minimum is 6 and the maximum is 12 participants.

Our live online lessons help you acquire practical language skills in a fast and very effective way from the comfort of your office, home or any other place you choose through your laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile at a convenient time for you. It has been proven that the use of technology in language learning is very helpful as it makes learning more enjoyable, encourages participation and generally increases the interest and attention of the student. Of course, we do not forget that modern tools must be combined with very qualified and properly trained Teachers to achieve good results. That is why all our online programs are delivered interactively and live by our Instructors.

We offer in-class lessons, the traditional way of learning, for all of our language programs, with qualified, experienced and pleasant Teachers. In-class lessons are available for children, teens and adults, at our modern yet family-oriented Interlead Language Center located in the heart of Limassol. Our lessons feature a combination of different learning methods such as: use of Modern book sets for every level which we update frequently, Educational videos and images, Digital books with animation and songs especially for our little ones, Conversation practice, Role-playing, Listening practice, Writing assignments and Activities that promote teamwork.

With our group classes, students can interact with other students affecting the actual practice of the language, especially Speaking skills. We place a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 students in each group. This is an ideal group size that ensures a team atmosphere while it allows enough participation time for all the students. A typical adult language course takes approximately 3 months. Upon successful completion of an adult class, the student is awarded with a Certificate of Attendance.

Our private and semi-private (2 persons) lessons are intensive sessions customized to meet the personal learning needs of the participants. Since learners have 100% of the Teacher’s time and attention, private lessons are the most effective way to accelerate your Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills. They may cost a bit more, but generally students of private need less hours of lessons than being in a group thereby making it cost effective.